For Water - Photo Exhibition and Fundraiser

March through April, 2013:

It is done! A profound THANK YOU to all who purchased prints and donated directly during this fundraiser.  You have helped support real sustainable change and solutions in the countries where Water For People works. And big, manly hugs to Frank Ferro and Hubert Halkin at Café Aroma for hosting this month-long exhibition, AND for donating all their proceeds from my sales to Water for People!! On top of that, they have the best scones on the North American continent. Period.

Have you noticed that the word "sustainable" pops up everywhere these days? I don't think that word means what many people think it means.  Mature and sustainable solutions do not require external aid or charity - they rely upon the knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial creativeness of local people and organizations to maintain their momentum and success. That's why I support Water For People - they have succeeded when they are no longer needed.

The exhibition is over, but fear not good people - you can still find selected framed prints at:

Acorn Gallery
54750 North Circle Drive, Idyllwild. 

Conveniently, the gallery is located right next to Café Aroma.

Café Aroma
54750 North Circle Drive,
Idyllwild, CA

I hope I see saw you there!

- Jeff

For Water - Exhibition NoticePhoto Exhibition and Fundraiser!


Stephen Fogg(non-registered)
Best of luck with your exhibition and fundraiser! Wish I could have been there.
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