Thank you for taking the time to view my collections of images. If you'd like to reach me with questions or comments, or to license imagery, please email me.

I'VE FOUND A WAY to combine the skills I've accumulated as an Engineer (I'm a consulting Civil Engineer) and photographer to serve a larger purpose, to keep the world in perspective, and to keep me busy for the rest of my life (and then some). Outdoor exploration, travel, environmental concern and activism combined with my interests in social justice and sustainable solutions to social and environmental issues get me up in the morning (see my article in Livebetter Magazine) .

While leading or participating in aid assignments, I photograph to try to communicate the realities of the water and sanitation conditions of the majority world to others like me who are privileged to have more options, and also as a means of deeper involvement in the moment. Photography provides a connection with individuals we often meet for only a very short time. These are the images you will find in the Africa and India Documentary galleries (and some in the corresponding Life galleries).

IT'S ASTONISHING what wonderful things pass before us no matter where we are, if only we take the time to notice and listen. For me, photography is a way to 'look purposefully' at life around me - it trains me to observe, to be patient, and to learn how to better communicate.

I hope that my images and other work can contribute to improving both the lives of those I encounter and our world. If you have ideas or suggestions, or would like to license my images to help tell a story, please contact me!

You will see from the balance of my images that I also can't help photographing life around me as I explore and travel. The other galleries are glimpses into some of those wanderings.

So much to photograph, so little time.


- Jeff
Jeff D. Friesen Photography
To learn how Water For People is making the lives of impoverished people the world over better through education, hygiene, and access to safe drinking water, visit their website, and please contribute to improving and saving lives. I talk about my Malawi trips on YouTube. Please also check out this article that I collaborated on explaining how sustainable aid models succeed where other options often don't.