Douglas Andersen(non-registered)
From one photographer to another... Great work Jeff, love your photos. If you're ever back in Vancouver, and have some free time, drop by, we'd love to see you...
Kunal Nayee(non-registered)

You're an amazing photographer and I honored that I got the chance to travel with you to the amazing city of Blantyre. Your work is something that inspires me to seek out the best possible shot.
Gary and Kitti Guyll(non-registered)
Your home is lovely almost as perfect as the owners, tasteful and comfortable.

Your photography is thrilling. Each piece takes me to another form pleasure.
Bryan Trussell(non-registered)
fantastic pics! you definitely could have a new career if you so chose...
Robbie Robinson(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. A feloow CH'r. CLT office
Crystal Campbell(non-registered)
Amazing photos!!!
Tom Paige(non-registered)
Outstanding images, Jeff. I'm sure each one comes with a powerful memory for you. You are really one talented fellow and I appreciate you sharing these.
Diane C. Aittaniemi(non-registered)
Hi Jeff,

You have such a talent for capturing the beauty around you in so many different subjects. Thank you for sharing your gift! I especially like your black and white photos, what art!
Rob Page(non-registered)
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and your blogs. I always learn something from your art and thoughts.
Frank Bruynbroek(non-registered)
Hi Jeff,

What can i say, your pictures are phenomenal and took me by surprise. Love love your site and thank you for sharing. i hope that we'll get together soon.

Thanks again.
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